You can uninstall the LimaCharlie sensor from a Windows endpoint by running the LimaCharlie sensor installer executable with the -c argument. This will remove the sensor service, executable, configuration, and other files from disk.

Performing uninstallation

1. Download the appropriate LimaCharlie sensor installer using our installer download links.

2. Open a command prompt window, ensuring that you use the `Run as administrator` option.

3. Run the installer with the -c argument.

lc_sensor -c

Manually verify uninstallation

After uninstallation the sensor should no longer appear as being Online in the LimaCharlie web interface. You can verify successful uninstallation on the endpoint itself by taking the actions below.

Check the list of services

1. Open Task Manager (press CTRL-ALT-DEL then choose Task Manager)

2. Click Services

3. Look for the service named rphcpsvc with description LimaCharlie

If you do not see the service in the list, it has likely already been removed as a result of a previous uninstall attempt.

Check for files on disk

Please manually check if these files exist on disk:




It is expected that uninstallation removes files from the above locations.

Common Issues

Users most often see issues with uninstallation if they do not open the command prompt window with the `Run as administrator` option.

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