With LimaCharlie's granular role-based access control you can be granted access in one of two ways:

  • On a per-organization basis

  • To a set of organizations using Organization Groups

Access on a per-organization basis

To add a user to an organization, a user needs to have a LimaCharlie account.

After the user has created the LimaCharlie account, you can add them by inputting their email account to the

After adding the user, you have the ability to control what permissions they get in this tenant. To do so, click on their email and adjust their permissions in the modal that opens. For reference, here is the list of all available options - Reference: Permissions.

Access via Organization Groups

Groups allow you to grant permissions to a set of users on a group of organizations. To get started with groups, navigate to the Manage Groups section of the web app.

From there, create a new group or click to edit an existing one.

The user who creates a group becomes a Group Owner. Group Owners manage the group but do not have permissions themselves. You can add multiple Group Owners.

In the Members section, add all existing LimaCharlie users who should receive access to the organizations this group will apply to. Note that if you are a Group Owner and you want the permissions of this group to apply to yourself, you will need to add your email here as well.

Group Owners are allowed to manage the Group, but are not affected by the permissions. Members are affected by the permissions but do not have the ability to modify the Group.

Under Organizations, select a list of organizations you have access to. Note that in order to add an organization to the group, you need to have the user.ctrl permission enabled for that organization.

Last, select the permissions you want members of the group to have in the organizations this group will apply to.

Permissions granted through the group are applied on top of permissions granted at the organization level. The permissions are additive, and a group cannot be used to subtract permissions granted at the organization level.

To finish, click Update Permissions.

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