LimaCharlie allows security professionals to ingest logs or telemetry from any external source in real-time. It includes built-in parsing for popular formats, with the option to define your own for custom sources.

There are two ways to ingest logs or telemetry from external sources:

  • Run the LimaCharlie Adapter on premises or on your cloud

  • Provide credentials for the destination and allow LimaCharlie cloud to connect directly (available for cloud-based Adapters)

To connect with the cloud-based external source, first ensure you have the cloudsensor.* permissions.

After the permissions have been enabled, navigate to the Sensors page of the web app and click Add Sensor.

Choose an external source you would like to ingest logs or telemetry from, or filter the list to only include Cloud & External Sources to see what options are available.

If there is an external source you would like to connect to that is not on the list, you are still able to do it via LimaCharlie Adapter. Alternatively, contact us to discuss adding this source in LimaCharlie along with the required parsing.

After selecting the sensor type, choose or create an installation key. Then, enter the name for the sensor and provide method-specific credentials for connection.

If the sensor you selected is cloud-based, you will see a call to action Complete Cloud Installation.

Note that sensors that support cloud to cloud communication, can also be installed by running an adapter on premises or on cloud hosted by the customer. While it is a rare scenario, some customers might prefer that option when they do not want to share the sensor's API credentials with LimaCharlie.

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