LimaCharlie offers a Twilio integration that can trigger alerts based on Detection & Response rules.


To start leveraging Twilio integration, first subscribe to the Twilio add-on that can be accessed from the LimaCharlie Marketplace.

After the add-on has been enabled, setup the Twilio authentication in the Integrations section of your Organization.

Authentication in Twilio uses two components, a SID and a Token. The LimaCharlie Twilio configuration combines both components in a single field like SID/TOKEN.

Some more detailed information is available here:


Here’s an example of what you’d add to the Response portion of a D&R rule to send a Twilio message:

- action: service request
name: twilio
body: Triggered_alert
from: '+15551234567'
to: '+15559878543'

Note that Triggered_alert in the example above is the actual text that would be sent to the number you specify.

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