Using the one-click install button in the LimaCharlie UI automatically applies base configuration details. To perform the installation remotely and push out a custom configuration, you'll:

1. Generate the configuration file from the Net Clients section

2. Stage that configuration file as a Payload

3. Use the put command to place the staged configuration payload to the endpoint

4. Issue a run command to install WireGuard and specify the configuration file to use

We run WireGuard MSI (payload)


- `runTask = f'run --payload-name {payloadName} --arguments "{arguments}" --timeout {5 * 60} {certArg}'

task = f"run --shell-command \"({wgConf}) > {self.wgWinConfigPath} && CALL ^\\\"{self.wgWinBinPath}^\\\" /installtunnelservice {self.wgWinConfigPath}\""`

- Install MSI

- Stage config file as a payload

- Use `put` command to get the payload added

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