Single sign-on (SSO) is available at no extra cost for customers that leverage LimaCharlie's custom branded offering. If this applies to your organization, and if you are interested in using the SSO, please contact LimaCharlie team.

If your organization does not currently have a custom branded site with LimaCharlie, you can learn about the requirements, costs & get started here.

How it works

LimaCharlie's single sign-on functionality lets companies add their own SSO option that goes through their authentication server instead of through Google or something else. Identity Platform acts as the coordinator here. After configuring new Providers in Identity Platform, the app only needs to specify a provider ID, and then Identity Platform will handle talking to the company's auth server.

User experience

The high-level user experience is as follows:

  • For organizations that choose to use SSO, the SSO will be enforced. Users going to custom branded versions of the LimaCharlie site will be presented with only the option to login through SSO, if their domain has the SSO configuration.

  • The same user going to the non-branded site would still be presented with all other authentication options. Alternate sign-ins should go via

    Note that LimaCharlie at this time does not provide strict SSO enforcement and instead allows users to have multiple sign-in methods associated with the same email address. This means that while SSO can be configured to be displayed as the only authentication option on a custom branded site, any user can navigate to the non-branded site instead and still be able to sign in using other authentication options.

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