In LimaCharlie, sensor installation is quick and intuitive. To get started, click Add Sensor on the Sensors List page.

Next, select a sensor type you would like to install.

Next, select or create an installation key.

Description: The description used to help you differentiate uses of various keys.

Tags: A list of Tags automatically applied to sensors enrolling with the key.

Generally speaking, we use at least one Installation Key per organization. Then we use different keys to help differentiate parts of our infrastructure. For example, you may create a key with Tag "server" that you will use to install on your servers, a key with "vip" for executives in your organization, or a key with "sales" for the sales department, etc. This way you can use the tags on various sensors to figure out different detection and response rules for different types of hosts on your infrastructure.

Select the installer and follow the steps outlined on the Installation page.

To learn more about installing sensors individually or en mass, visit our technical documentation.

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