There are several dimensions across which usage-based pricing is calculated but the big change is per endpoint pricing. Under the new model deploying an agent in ‘sleeper mode’ is essentially free - the only required cost is sensor connected time which works out to $0.02 USD per agent per month. A breakdown of the specific axis as to how usage of the endpoint agent is calculated is as follows.

  1. Sensor connected time: the number of seconds a sensor is connected to the LimaCharlie cloud. As demonstrated below, we keep this cost as low as possible to make the service accessible.

  2. Events processed: when an event is received from the sensor and processed by LimaCharlie. You are in complete control of this through the use of the Exfil Service, allowing you to specify the events you need.

  3. Events retained: if using the LimaCharlie retention, visualization, and searching service (highly recommended), each event retained (for an entire year) is counted with this metric.

That’s it. We have other services that are already usage-based by nature and those don’t change. But with these 3 metrics, you no longer have to pay a base price for a sensor.

To eliminate any impact LC sensor deployed in a sleeper mode can have on performance, users can utilize tagging functionality.

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