Along with our predictable per endpoint pricing model, LimaCharlie offers a pure usage-based billing model for our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capability. Pricing within this model is calculated solely on the time the sensor is connected, events processed, and events stored.

We acknowledge that some might not need the entirety of available components all the time, and might benefit from having access to an endpoint agent on an ad-hoc basis. This approach enables the following.

  1. Incident responders will now be able to offer pre-deployments to their customers at almost zero cost. That is, they can deploy across an organization's entire fleet and lay dormant in ‘sleeper mode’ at a cost of just US$0.02 per month. With agents deployed ahead of an incident, responders can offer competitive SLA’s.

  2. Product developers can take advantage of usage-based billing to leverage narrow bands of functionality at a low cost. This means getting the functionality they need without building it from the ground up or paying for a full EDR deployment.

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